Monday, July 25, 2011

Half way through 2011 and I am a little behind.

As far as my crafting resolutions for 2011 go, I am a little behind. 

I did succeed in creating a Birthday/Anniversary Calendar and have mailed a number of cards out this year.  In fact, I just mailed three cards out this morning.  I made lovely Valentine's day cards using Echo Park's Be Mine collection. I am getting a little better at taking photos of my work as well.



I did submit work to Papercrafts magazine and although I did not get selected, I plan to continue submitting work.  Hopefully one day I will see one of my cards published.  Here is the birthday card I submitted.  It was a color challenge and the project need to incorporate teal, yellow, light blue and green in one card.

I set out to accomplish ten goals and so far I have managed to complete four, not too shabby and I still have 5 months left!  I probably won't be at any craft fairs or farmers markets this year.  I simply cannot produce enough product to fill a booth.  Maybe one day. 

Clearly my intentions of updating my blog regularly has fallen by the wayside.  I am not quite sure how it ended being the end of July, but I hope to get back on track now.  I am still a little overwhelmed at the thought of scrapbooking.  Cards I find to be less daunting.  The massive amounts of photos and ideas for our wedding scrapbook may simply be too much for me to start to imagine tackling but I plan to muster up some courage soon.  We are going to be celebrating our 4th anniversary in September and it is a shame all those memories are squirrelled away in boxes.

And finally, a lot of blogs are talking about Christmas in July.  Here is one of my projects from last Christmas.  I was invited to a cookie exchange and made pizzelle cookie packages using American Crafts Merrymint paper. I am enamored with pleated paper flowers.

I hope to post some pictures of my craft room in my next post.  I am really proud of how organized it is and I am planning to paint the walls and do a little more decorating in there soon.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My 2011 Crafting Resolutions

I realize it is now the 29th of the month and most people make resolutions on the first.  I however am not like most people (shocking, I know). Instead of making the same resolutions I always make (eat healthier, exercise more, save money) I am instead going to make craft resolutions and goals I hope to accomplish this year.  I also figure if I put them out on the internets, someone might hold me to them. 
  1. Make time to craft at least once a week in my lovely craft room. 
  2. Create a Birthday/Anniversary Calendar to keep track of everyone's personal holidays.
  3. Mail handmade cards to people on their special days and "just because".
  4. Update my blog, regularly.
  5. Start and finish our wedding scrapbook. 
  6. Learn to knit.
  7. Make and send cards for Valentine's Day, Halloween, and Christmas (and maybe St. Patrick Day and the 4th of July).
  8. Start making more paper crafted items (home decor projects, decorated picture frames, banners, cupcake toppers)
  9. Muster enough courage to actually sell my items at a local farmers market or craft fair.
  10. Submit work to be published in a crafting magazine.
I have high hopes for 2011! Ten goals and resolutions shouldn't be too hard to manage, right? I hope you can help me to achieve them. 
Originally I wrote this on my facebook page on January 11th.  I am happy to say that I have already accomplished a couple of things on the list.  I finished my Special Event Calendar this week and hope to post pictures of it soon.